Adoni – A hidden gem off the highway

Adoni was known as “Chota Bombay” during the British Raj days because it was a bustling market hub for cotton,grains and textiles.


Though the town itself is not very interesting, but a few kilometers drive away from the town is an amazing conglomeration of fort ruins, hill top shrines, dargahs and caves.


There were hardly any tourists around except for a few visitors to the Anjaneya Temple. Of course, there was the shepherd boy to keep me company,


On every turn or bend in this rocky terrain I stumbled on to a shrine or a dargah.


Adoni Fort was controlled by the Vijayanagar Kings for some decades then it was taken over by Bijapur Shahs – later by Nizams, Mughals and finally by the British.


It was so hot and dry that day I cooled off near a shady temple pond – and I tried my hand at bird shooting.


There were hill top shrines all around – for Shiva, for Yellamma, for Hanuman ..


There were caves and nooks used by mendicants and sadhus..


There are several Temple ruins from the Vijayanagar period…


Archaeological  Survey of India guys are piecing together the history of this region – slowly and painstakingly..

How was this sculpted to pefection? – I wondered..


I didn’t get enough time to scout around this place thoroughly – may be I will return soon…

and the Adoni folks seemed to agree with me…


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