Apache gets poetic…


After the stress and strain of riding up and down the Andhra country side, visiting places like Lepakshi,Penukonda,Belum Caves,The Great Banyan Tree etc. my Apache begged me to take him to cooler climes for some R & R..I took a close look at my map…and decided to oblige him…i headed towards the Horsley Hills..


My Apache was positively purring with pleasure as we rode up the slopes..


Even I was exhilarated, the scenery around would make a poet out of anyone…


And my Apache was no exception…he opened up

Hard is the journey,
Hard is the journey,
So many turnings,
And now where am I?


He didn’t stop with that one …he continued, waxing lyrical..

The birds have vanished down the sky.
Now the last cloud drains away.

We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.


Not to be outdone by a red- beast -on- wheels I added my own..

        I have a place on the Yelagiri slopes.
        Sitting there you can see the Mountains.
        No one there, no guests, the gate is closed.
        No plans all day, just time and silence.
        Nothing stops you gazing and dreaming.
        Why not come and try to find me there?


And as we climbed higher the poetry became positively mystical,,,

To wash and rinse our souls of their age-old sorrows,
We drained a hundred jugs of wine.
A splendid night it was . . . .
In the clear moonlight we were loath to go to bed,
But at last drunkenness overtook us;
And we laid ourselves down on the empty mountain,
The earth for pillow, and the great heaven for coverlet. 


Note: All poems borrowed (and modified) from the Omnipresent – The Great WWW 😉 – including this one:

In the end, the mountains of imagination were nothing
but a house.
And this grand life of mine was nothing but an excuse.
You’ve been hearing my story so patiently for a lifetime
Now hear this: it was nothing but a fairy tale.


If you like this kind of post – a compound of great snaps and inspirational poetry – please leave a comment – and more will pour out of my Apache’s capacious Tank…


Who are the poets quoted in this post – any guesses?

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One thought on “Apache gets poetic…

  1. shooting star

    amazing images…of what is an amazing road trip…love the monkeys at the end!!http://sushmita-smile.blogspot.in/

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