Acres of Banyan – Thimmamma Marrimanu

I was off in search of the Largest banyan Tree in the World…so were others it seemed


Passed through some rocky terrain with odd stony-faces watching my passage..


While the whole country is debating the ‘coalgate’ scam, quietly the ‘stonegate’ plunder goes on..


I had to cross many hurdles including this one..


Finally..the Great Banyan loomed ahead…


Some stats..more than 500 Years old – Area – approx 5 Acres – more than 1000 sub-roots..


Origin of the word ‘Banyan’ – The tree provided a shaded place for a village meeting or for merchants (or Banias) to sell their goods. Eventually “banyan” became the name of the tree itself.


Some curious fact – from Wikipedia: “This big tree was first noticed and was explored to the world by Sri Regret Iyer (Sathyanarayana Iyer) Freelance journalist, Photographer from Bangalore,” ( I still can’t figure out the “regret Iyer” bit)

Mobile Meal @ Thimmamma


A temple dedicated to Thimmamma


Childless couple come here to pray as it is believed conception will take place within 1 year of offering prayers


A note about the careless spelling on sign-boards and posters all over India – I can understand such errors being committed by illiterate sign-board artists but how can a Government sponsored sign-board be strewn with such howlers?


The correct sentence is :  the pole used in north-east direction of pyre grew into this giant tree.
– and they probably mean ‘a dead swine’ and not dead twine – LOL

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