The "Soak no More" Mantra


He was the wisest person on the planet and when I told him my problems he listened carefully and said


Was he kidding me?


Apparently he wasn’t …he began to explain the Mantra  ..he said..


he continued..


He added…


He advised…


He counseled…


He exhorted..


Things became clearer to me..



This is an entry in the Indiblogger’s “Soak no More” Contest.

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6 thoughts on “The "Soak no More" Mantra

  1. Farida

    That is wonderful

  2. Uma Anandane

    Dr.Seuss … 🙂 wonderful use of The Lorex ..all the best

  3. sunita

    Intense as it conveys lot of meaning!!!

  4. avalok

    @farida @uma @sunita tq for the a zen follower couldn’t resist the temptation of doing this piece//rgds

  5. The Fool

    Amazing philosophy conveyed in so simple words.Loved it.

  6. Rukhsana Badar

    You are a master at presentation! The principles of life simplified..amazing!

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