Up in the Air & Lovin’ it!


An incredible motogliding experience where you are strapped to a bucket seat with a grand 360 Degree view. It was frightening in the beginning, especially at take off , but it all changed to a thrill- filled ride once I was up in the clouds.

This is an entry in the Mahindra Incredible stories contest on Indiblogger:


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4 thoughts on “Up in the Air & Lovin’ it!

  1. shooting star

    wow!!details plz..how & where to experience this!!????????http://sushmita-smile.blogspot.in/

  2. mukesh

    Added to my to-do list.Do send in the details.here’s my entry to the same contest.http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=125899cheers,Mukesh

  3. Anonymous

    @shootingstar, @mukesh. These events are organized by Adreno (www.adreno.org) a Bangalore based Outdoor Adventure company of which I am part of – as a volunteer and photographer. The motogliding season is held between Dec & Feb when the wind conditions are ideal near Bidadi, Bangalore. For more adventure activities check out the website. Thx and Rgds,

  4. Uma

    wow!! What an adventurous ride @avalok – if I were to Bangalore anytime, I will sure get in touch with you (as u r a part of it) so that I too will have the joy of riding high in the air :)Btw..Congrats on the winning !

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