Tales Fort told – CAK11

Continues fro Part 10

I am giving the waves of the Konkan coast a break 🙂  and hence the theme for today’s post is Fort Architecture – specially arches,doorways,windows and passages etc.


 Ancient Forts always fascinate me. They might be in ruins now but history tells us that these forts were the settings for court intrigues,royal coups,siege,treachery, etc. etc.


And they hold secrets and stories yet to be decoded and discovered by us..


Was this the room where the King used to plan his next campaign? …or…


was it this one?


Can’t you hear the footsteps of the assassin?


And was this Granary solely used to store wheat and rice or did they (secretly) also stash cannon balls?


Was this the passage used by spies or…courtesans? 


Can a royal elephant with it’s mahout pass through this door?


How many sentries used to be posted here?


Did they physically frisk women in those days? or did they have women guards?


Is this really just a room with a view or was this the place from where traitors were made to jump?


For Special invitees only?


Yes, these walls have stories to tell for those who are willing to listen…


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2 thoughts on “Tales Fort told – CAK11

  1. shooting star

    yes, such places do intrigue me too…last thursday i did a walk into the hazrat nuzamuddin area and going into all the tombs and dargahs…it was such an eery feel.. thinking about the times long gone….http://sushmita-smile.blogspot.in/

  2. ShadowsGalore

    Beautiful photographs as always . This post gets my thumbs up! 🙂

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