A walk along the Kolamb Cliff – CAK10

Continues from Part 9


When my Homestay host Mr. Keluskar suggested that we go for a walk along a cliff on the Kolamb shore I readily agreed, grabbed my camera kit and set off.


We went on to the cliff leaving Kolamb beach behind. It was a vast plateau with a trail leading to a nearby fishing village.


It was late in the evening and the fishermen had moored their boats and presumably returned to their homes.


Some of the boats were grounded – may be because they were not Sea-worthy anymore.


While on our return journey Mr. Keluskar pointed out the interesting cloud formations that was constantly forming and changing shape above the sea. 


It was nearing sunset time and I wanted to hurry back to Kolamb beach to capture the sun sinking over the waves.


I hoped to get some good shots..


Mr; Keluskar was very patient while I ran all over and across the beach in an effort to shoot as much as possiblle before the available light fades away..


When shooting at beaches I tend to include a large part of the sky if it has interesting cloud patterns… 


and I do not prefer flash photography at all since they kind of flatten out the picture…


and I fiddle around a lot with the f-stops,aperture and speed controls to get the effect I want…


After shooting 100s of snaps if I get at least ONE shot right I get elated..


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One thought on “A walk along the Kolamb Cliff – CAK10

  1. D. Nambiar

    Superb pictures.

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