Coasting along Konkan Part 7 – Devgarh

Continues from Part 6


Devgarh is a small mofussil town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Most tourists give it a go by. But it has a fort, a quaint fishing village and is the take off point for visiting the Kunkeshwar temple and Vijaydurg fort – both within an hour’s drive away.

Kunkeshwar Temple:


Description –  from KonkanOnline

This beautiful temple near beach has alluring architecture with reminiscent of South Indian style of temple architecture. Yadav Kings built this temple in 1100 A. D. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who rejuvenated this temple many times was a frequent visitor to this temple.


This temple is also famous as Kashi of South Konkan. Every year a huge celebration takes place on the occasion of Mahashivratri, which keeps religious beliefs in constant sight of the multitudes. During the festival a large number of devotees throng this place with their families and friends. This vigilant Shiva deity bestows blessings on everyone who surrenders to its feet.

Devgarh Fort itself is not as well preserved as the other forts in the region but it has a Lighthouse within its ramparts.


You can go up the Lighthouse and take photos for a small fee …but there are specific timings for visitors..usually in the evening.

These state of the art Lighthouses are maintained by DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF LIGHTHOUSES AND LIGHTSHIPS of Government of India.


I was introduced to the senior staff by a friend – Mr. Chetan Prabhu (in the blue & violet T – shirt) I had acquired while trying to find a short – cut to the fort. He explained the intricacies involved in maintaining the Lighthouse.


Very few tourists visit the fort…


but it is worth a visit for the spectacular ocean views..


Later, I headed to the first of the Devgarh beaches along with Mr. Chetan to capture the sunset…


to be continued…

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One thought on “Coasting along Konkan Part 7 – Devgarh

  1. shooting star

    lovely views of the ocean definitely

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