Oh! for that exclusive holiday spot…


We, the stressed -out cityfolks, get fed up of  seeing ugly buildings, filth & garbage, neon – lit flashy ad banners put up by Dream Merchants of our Consumer culture in our daily lives. Dry, Urban Unbeauty!


But we long for real beauty and serenity…a “break”…


and for that we plan a holiday, spend a lot of money and energy and go to a far away ‘exclusive’ place..


and take some shots to show to our friends and family as to how it was well worth it…


Such beautiful places are rare to find and we are delighted that we made it to that place,,


But, stop! Look around! Explore!

The above shots were taken at a lake within Bangalore City ….

– a couple of Kms from where I live – Vijayanagar!

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3 thoughts on “Oh! for that exclusive holiday spot…

  1. seema

    Beautiful pictures

  2. shooting star

    i find my city to be full of places of natural beauty….and go there often as i can…you have taken some lovely shots of bangalore..i loved it when i visited bangalore in 2005 as part of my college field trip..we visited a lot of outskirts and found them to be very beautiful!!http://sushmita-smile.blogspot.in/

  3. aativas

    Beauty is everywhere .. one has to see it as you rightly say sir!

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