Worst of 2011 – Top Over-hyped News Coverages on Indian TV Channels

The time for yearly list has come. Here is the first one of my picks and I am starting off with the most repetitious and overdone topics on Indian Television Media.

1 Kolaveri – if only lyrics could killu!


At first I thought it might be an Advertisement for Coke.  Why this murderous thirst for a cola? Get it?
You just couldn’t escape. Media channels literally carpet – bombed us with Kolaveri coverage.
Now even TIME Magazine has covered Kolaveri.
I noticed my uncle furiously switching channels to escape the”kolaveri” blitzkrieg only to find that it was simultaneously playing in all other “paid” “National”channels too.
Fianally he gave up and switched to good old Doordarshan where all was normal wherein an ancient folk singer was trying his best to lull the listeners into deep slumber.

2 Ash’s Baby – The Pregnant Suspense


If Indians are good at anything then it is in producing babies at a rapid rate. But if you watched the TV you would think everyone had stopped producing kids and were eagerly waiting for Ash’s baby. Will it be a boy or girl? – the bet was on and the date was fixed for 11-11-11 for the arrival of the baby by the Ash Watchers. It was not to be. Rumors floated around that Abhi was trying to sell the baby’s photo to the highest bidding channel. Thankfully – that too didn’t happen. The channels shut shop on this topic.

3. Yeh Ji,Woh ji, 2G!


Everyone seemed to know the truth about the 2g scam except Mum Mohan Singh. The TV media went berserk in doing “in – depth” reports and ended up connecting every one in Power (Industrialist, Politicians) to the Scam. Few usual suspects went to jail and many others are on the loose. And channels are now busy producing “exclusive” (and widely circulated) reports on possible involvement of P. Chidambaram now.

4. ‘Radia’tion Leak


No, we are not talking about the leak in Japanese nuclear plant here. While International media were covering the tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Japan our TV channels were busy with ‘exposes’ on the Radia Tapes. They ranted about how the nexus between corporates,politicians and the go-betweens are corrupting the system etc. while maintaining a conspiratorial silence on their own kind’s involvement in the manipulations. In the end Tata said goodbye to Radia.

5. Ek Rupaiya bara Annas


If you were to believe the channels it seemed like the whole country, all 1.2 billions of us, were on the streets supporting Anna. While the reality was that it was an Urban phenomenon and restricted to the mass of restless urban ( & mobile) youth who didn’t have a clue about the finer (and controversial) points of the Jan Lokpall Bill. Media channels whipped up a frenzy with wide coverage, what with ’embedded’ anchors yelling at the top of their voices at the rallies that were held across the cities. They also did a poll and asked  people “Are you against corruption?”. 100% said yes (who wouldn’t?) and the media triumphantly announced that 100% of Indians are backing Anna’s movement 😉

6. Raw (deal) One


Possibly the first Indian movie house which spent  more moolah on the promotional campaign than on the movie itself. SRK was all over the channels promoting,pleading,cajoling viewers to watch the movie and the Lady anchors were going Gaga about Ra One even before actually watching it. There were scoops and sneak – peeks galore. All that hype by the Paid National Channels couldn’t save the movie from getting a raw deal from the people.

In the next post I will list out the most irritating media personalities of 2011…watch out!

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