Van Gogh – The Artist Saint


It was after reading “Lust for Life” that I became inspired to start painting again. While he was struggling to make a mark as an artist he used to regularly correspond with his ever supportive brother Theo. These letters are fascinating to read where we discover that Van Gogh was not only a painter but a very spiritual and emotional person. These letters have been published as a six volume sumptuously designed editions and is embellished with hundreds of Van Gogh’s sketches and drawings, Mr. Boyd Tonkin while reviewing these editions has written –  “No great visual artist ever wrote so much, and so well, as Vincent van Gogh”. 


The Van Gogh Musuem at Amsterdam has made these letters available online and be sure to visit the site to know more about this fascinating artist.


Here are some more excerpts from Mr; Boyd Tonkin’s review of Van Gogh Letters Collection:

“Throughout, he evokes, justifies and analyses his works, his feelings, his ideals in an unstoppable torrent of self-expression. Near the end, a shattering crisis sees him find solace in Dickens’s Christmas Books and Shakespeare’s history plays. “It’s so alive,” he writes of these characters during a fitful recovery from his breakdowns, “one thinks one knows them”.


“…even Isleworth in 1876, when the young man who still hoped to preach the Gospel gave his first sermon at the Methodist church near Kew Gardens and wrote to Theo of an autumn walk beside the Thames “which reflected the large chestnut trees with their load of yellow leaves and the clear blue sky, and between the treetops the part of Richmond that lies on the hill, the houses with their red roofs and windows without curtains and green gardens… and below, the grey bridge with tall poplars on either side”. Vincent, whose flair for painting vibrant verbal landscapes never dimmed, had at that stage scarcely lifted pencil or brush.”


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