Non- violent Terrorists?!!

We see pictures of devastation and killings caused by armed terrorists and our blood boils — and we want them brought to justice, sent to gallows etc.


Terrorists aim to, among other reasons, disrupt our daily life,damage our economy, create social disharmony and so on and so forth.

So we hate them – rightly so.

But there are other terrorists who, while proclaiming that they are serving the people, are also causing the same kind of damage to our nation – call them economic terrorists.


Unfortunately we ELECT and put them in a position where, for personal gains, they sell our national resources to the highest bidder. These elected terrorists are also causing immense harm to our environment,social fabric and economy. And the impact of their misdeeds will be felt by generations to come.


Terrorism by non-violent means!

Now a question for you…


Suppose you are given a pistol and you are given only one bullet.

You are asked to  shoot and kill one of these – you are also given immunity against the crime:

a) An armed Terrorist
b) An unarmed democratically elected non – violent economic terrorist

How will you go about it?


I have a clever answer for this…what’s yours?


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One thought on “Non- violent Terrorists?!!

  1. zephyr

    Well said. Loved the pics too. But you haven’t explained how to kill all of them with one bullet. Maybe it is a nuclear bullet? 😀

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