An exercise in Vector Art

This weekend I was just looking through my collection of snaps and wondered whether converting some of the better snaps into Vector Graphics could possibly enhance the viewer’s enjoyment. So I gave it a go…

and you decide for yourself…


What is Vector Art or Vector Graphics? – from

Vector art is a form of digital illustration and its use is increasing every day. Vector art can be seen in almost every part of print, online and televised media. Knowing how to use vector-based illustration is a prerequisite for almost every graphic design job due to its many applications in commercial media. Vector-based artwork is entirely dependent on computers because it is driven by complex mathematical equations. Though it is relatively new, many beautiful illustrations and compelling advertisements have been created with vector art.


Vector art is any digital artwork in which the shapes in the art are represented by mathematical equations within a computer. Geometric shapes like lines, waves, single points and curves are placed together by the artist to create an illustration while the computer keeps track of each item’s location, curve and relative proportion to the other shapes.




Primary Uses of Vector graphics

Due to the distinctive properties of vector art, it is applied to very specific types of illustration. Creating logos and text are the most common applications for vector art. These images often need to be scaled up or down in size in a wide variety of ways for publication and marketing purposes. This necessitates the ability to zoom in or out without losing any image quality.



Actually I was driven to these experiments because a client of mine was launching a Fashion Boutique and she wanted a unique logo design.

Among other designs I came up with I offered this Vector based designs too..




I believe the key to enjoying life is being curious and having the courage to explore,,,,


Life is a Learning Curve ..steeper the curve better the enjoyment!

Your truly…..





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