The (once) hardworking and industrious people of Tamil Nadu have become lazy,thanks to the goodies being showered by rival political parties of Tamil Nadu. With an eye on the ballot box the near sighted leaders of Tamil Nadu are leading the state and its people to ruin.

Here are the list of goodies promised:

Vote DMK, you get –

A concrete house worth Rs.1,00,000.
Grant to women folk of a sum of Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000 through women self help groups.
Free mixies or grinder.
Laptop worth around Rs.20,000 or more for students.
Free bus travel to senior citizens worth around Rs.2,000 per month at current rates.
35 kg of rice worth around Rs.175.
PMK’s promise of direct cash transfer of around Rs.1,500 – which approximately totals over Rs.200,000 over the next five years per family.
Vote AIADMK, you get –

Free laptops and cash assistance of Rs.1,000-Rs.5,000
to students up to Class 12 of all schools.
For women voters, a free fan, grinder and mixie.
Increased maternity leave of 6 months and a cash allowance of Rs.12,000.
Loan assistance for self-help groups to Rs.10 lakh, of which Rs.250,000 will be a subsidy.
Half a sovereign gold for ‘mangalsutra’ for poor women getting married.
Marriage assistance for poor woman will be increased to Rs.50,000.
Also promised 20 kg free rice monthly and 20 litres of water daily for BPL people.
For those who do not own land, free allotment of three cents land.
For the fishing community, Rs.2000 during non-fishing season.
For senior citizens, free bus passes for inter and intra-state travel.
For the differently abled persons, 3 percent reservation in government jobs.
Distribution of 60,000 milch cows free in 6,000 villages to increase milk production.
For BPL families, she has promised four free goats.
Monthly assistance for senior citizens, destitute women and others is Rs.1,000

Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya Jaya Jaya He hehehehehe …

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