Dhoni – Prime Minister of India!? – Why not?


Our politicians are a bunch of losers and have badly let the country down. We are all fed up with the looting of the exchequer,humongous corruption scandals,lack of accountability,delayed justice,nepotism,cover-ups etc.

It is time for change – at the top. Why not bring in an achiever and a true national figure to lead the nation?

A representative of the youth of this country ( and they are the true majority – not castes and sects) should be elected to the top post.

Get rid of the seat-clinging old fogeys – Now!

India needs a revolution – A second struggle for True Independence!

All over the world citizens have started demanding freedom and revolutions are on in many oppressed countries. And in my humble opinion India too is an oppressed nation ruled by corrupt political class. Indian youth needs to rise in revolt and protest against the “Loot and Scoot” culture of our amoral leaders,

This is Dharma Yudh!

We need change and we need Dhoni as PM!

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2 thoughts on “Dhoni – Prime Minister of India!? – Why not?

  1. obsessivemom

    What?? And lose a great cricketer?? No no won’t do. Let him do what he does best. We’ll find someone else to lead the country.

  2. Rama Mohan A

    I dont’ want to loss a good cricketer for India.

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