545 – My Highest score so far in Lexulous

I play the online game Lexulous ( a clone of Scrabble) on a regular basis. I pit my wits and vocabulary against some of the the best players in the world. Today I scored over 500 for the first time. And 3 Bingos in the game!
In this game I literally “outsmarted” the opponent.

To win you need to have a strategy in place and also have Plans B,C and D etc. in mind. It is a very challenging and creative way to spend time. Try it!


Lexulous (formerly Scrabulous), is an online word game based on the commercial board game Scrabble. It is run by an Indian company of the same name on the dedicated website at www.lexulous.com, and is also available within the social networking site Facebook.

On September 27, 2008, a site was relaunched at lexulous.com, with access to the old database of scrabulous.com users. It has a live version and practice mode, and an option for play by email.

More info here:

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One thought on “545 – My Highest score so far in Lexulous

  1. Beverley Plane

    I have just won a game with a score of 706. Is this a record? One word I scored 320.

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