Thinking Singh!


Even as I write this our embattled Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is putting up a spirited defence of his scam tainted Government and fielding uncomforatble questions from TV and the Press people. I am not going to analyze the session, I will leave it to the Media people who will go on 24/7 about that. What interested me was the PM’s lack of eloquence. At the last count there were at least 100 odd “I think”s from the PM generously strewn all over his responses.

And the song “Singh is King” could be rephrased to “Thinking Singh,Thinking Singh…” LOL

People are reminding me that “Thinking Singh” is an OXYMORON!!!

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3 thoughts on “Thinking Singh!

  1. Anonymous

    PM stands for Pathetic Manmohan! He was to be Sonia’s dummy but now he has become the dummy for all teh corrupt politicians of UPA. He knows he is defending the indefensible and thats why he stutters. That he has a ‘conscience’ (not of Indira Gandhi’s kind!) and a sense of personal (just personal) values is the only reason he still retains respect.

  2. Anonymous

    If that sounds serious te best sardar joke I ever heard was "Once there was a thinking Sardarji"! 🙂

  3. Shrinidhi Hande

    Too much thinking and too little action!

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