TOI’s "Day in the Life of India" campaign – Inspired or Offensive?

Today the Times of India has launched a contest called “A day in Life of India” and it is drawing a lot of flak from readers.


Today’s edition woke up readers with a huge single page cartoon depicting the contradictions that is India, but many are upset with the tone and flavor of the campaign. For a major national daily to poke fun at issues which are preventing India from becoming a Fully developed and Civil nation is just not done, they say.

Laughing at “National Shames” like filthyy roads and rivers,corrupt politicians,financial scams etc. is just not the way to go about reforming India – they seem to say.

Here is how TOI introduces the campaign:

Let’s celebrate a circus called India

Feb 3, 2011, 03.04am IST

Cows sunbathing on expressways. Bare-bodied sadhus on cellphones. Chappal combats in Parliament. Spitting and urinating in public places. Chaos, golmaal, jugaad… all pieces of a vast multi-cultural mosaic called India.



Is this campaign in good taste?
The Categories are:
Chalta Hai India : Don’t we all know the infamous “I don’t care” attitude. Dumping garbage on roads, playing cards at work, cops sleeping on duty… the list is endless!

Pushy India : We love pushing and shoving, be it in a bank queue, on a public transport or at ticket counters.

Overloaded India : Typical scenes of over-usage of capacity of all kinds… remember the famous Fevicol ad?

Bizarre India : We inherit the strangest of customs, rituals and superstitions and pass it on generations after generations, like idols drinking milk, walking barefoot on fire, etc.

Golmaal India : Bribery, underhand nexus, cutting corners, phoney red lights, touts and fake brands.

Jugaad India : We invented this phenomenon. It is all about bending and bypassing rules to get a job done.

Chaotic India: We live in complete disarray, no lane driving, chaotic parking, queues for procuring ration and temples on Thursdays…

Technicolour India : A medley of colours that India is… ghagra cholis, kitschy trucks, Holi ke rang, etc.

Incredible India : The beauty and heritage of India, the monuments, wildlife, beaches and the resplendence of festivals.

Sign of the Times : The happy-go-lucky use of English in India. Remember all the times you have seen signs saying “child beer” or heard people entering a building from the “backside”.

Here are some sections from the TOI cartoon:


Here is my favorite:


Some comments posted on the campaign page:


What is your take?

Is this campaign inspired or obnoxious?


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5 thoughts on “TOI’s "Day in the Life of India" campaign – Inspired or Offensive?

  1. supriya

    i disagree with the point that the contest is a disgrace to nation. Moreover its will be a collective effort of its citizens to bring out the various moods and sentiments of India. Through this, we will be able to share the humor ( so what its a little sarcastic one) . I would love to be a part of it and would expect from others the same!!

  2. Shri Ram Ayyangar

    Number of people did not like ‘Slumdog Millionere’ just because stark reality of Mumbai life was shown. Many did not watch the movie even. But can we deny all these truths?

  3. R-A-J

    And in other news…. :)Hey Avalok,Pls promote/vote for my blog at this url:!!:)

  4. eric

    why do u guys see only the bad topics? look out for the good ones! if we have 5 entries in golmaal india, we have 10 entries in incredible india. why cant we take this as a joke, move on and try and make our country the best?

  5. Alka

    Can we deny any of it? Or close our eyes? Only we should not celebrate it…its the dark underbelly…Unfortunately, it exists.

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