The MakLuckians – Changing Minds – EP2

The MakLuckians – Changing Minds


Well, like I said I was appalled at the thought of my son Avalokita chucking his engineering course and donning Headphones to become a chattering RJ.

I can see the metamorphoses happening in him on a daily basis. Gone were the Technical books and tomes like ” RJing for Dummies” & “Radio Jockeying is no Rocket Science” etc. had taken the prime spot.  He started wearing loudly designed T shirts proclaiming “The past is Greek! And the future is Geeky” and ” Listen! I am an RJ! ” etc. His hairdo went for a spin, literally. The Hair styling was a creative attempt at showcasing on how a porcupine might look after being electrocuted.

And I was left wondering ‘What’s the point anyway. No one gets to SEE an RJ, for chrissake!’

I think you get the picture (or sound in this case).

The other day as he was heading out of the flat ,all in a rush, I asked him ” Where are you going, Kitta?” ( that’s what I call him – of course, he hates it – when no one else is around – just to put him in place).

His reply further confirmed my suspicion that he was serious about this RJ-DJ stuff.
He muttered ” I am off to attend voice training classes”.

“Well, since its voice training you are taking can’t you speak a bit more clearly?” I yelled. That was my way of telling him what I thought of his attempts to improve his communication skills.

In response he just put on his headphones and walked out.

Little later my daughter Lokanya walked in and I told her about her brother’s latest crazy idea and she brightened up and said “Wow, that’s awesome”.

“You mean awful, right” I inquired hopefully and she said ” No I think that’s cool”.

“You are nuts like your brother and I am glad your Mom is not around to witness these things” I said and immediately knew I had crossed the line.

Her face darkened and she moaned complainingly “DaaaaaaaD!” and I knew a diplomatic exit to my bedroom was the wisest option for me.

I should have known. Lokanya has always  sided with Avalokita in all weird things he gets up to. I also knew, him not having a mother around – (My wife – May she rest at peace – died at Avalokita’s birth) – Lokanya felt the need to be emotionally protective about Kitta.

But I still had Avalokita’s career- shift dream to tackle and I knew just the right person who will help me in putting off Kitta from the ill-chosen path.

And that person happens to be my dear jogging partner Mr. Karan Kapoor – Kap for short.

I was sure he will come up with some clever idea considering that he is the one man everybody in my building society approaches for solutions to their troubles.

He was Chanakya, Tenali Raman and Birbal rolled into one and I am going to consult him tomorrow to find a way to exorcise my son.

To be continued…..

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One thought on “The MakLuckians – Changing Minds – EP2

  1. Shri Ram Ayyangar

    I am of the opinion that your son should pursue the line he likes it most. If he has a dream, interest, zest & zeal, one day he can be another Ameen Sayani.

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