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The Generation Gape

Introducing the MakLuckians.

My humble abode is called MakLuck House. Why that ? – you might ask – will tell you about that later.

But for now let me introduce my children.

First of all let me say my children rock! ( they made me insert this remark)

I have twin headaches called Avalokita and Lokanya who keep me occupied and bothered  24/7.

24/7!? how you may well ask…you will soon find out.

My son Avalokita is 20 years old and is supposed to be studying Engineering – I had to pay through my nose to get him admission – but I see him forever busy bashing his Xbox or thumbing his Nano.

He lives in a different world. In fact both my kids live in a different world. Or maybe its me who hasn’t moved with times. Well that’s what they keep hammering into me.

My daughter Lokanya – all of 24 years – is working odd hours in a Multinational BPO sweatshop. She hates it when I refer to her company as a “sweatshop”. Yes – the pay is good- the work hours are not – but that does not change the character of the jobs, I say. Her days and nights are defined differently from mine.

They hate the names I gave them at the time of their entry into this (so far) wonderful world. My wife – (may her soul rest in peace) -had no say in this. While I was around she never had a chance anyway. Maybe that’s why she took off early.

Of course the names given to my children are derivatives of my name and believe me these monickers do have profound meanings. People say I pride myself too much on my creativity and originality and have made my children suffer the consequences of these odd names – for the rest of their lives.

Well I do not think so – period!

For example Avalokita means “Little Observer of the World” and the “God who keeps all others safe” and Lokanya obviously means “Wise Lady of the world” or something like that.

These namakrans (namings) are the result of my light-hearted  leanings towards Zen and Mahayana Buddhism – if you wanted to know, that is.

Over the years and in the process of heroically bringing my kids up single – handedly ( as I said my wife caught the plane to heaven very early) – i became bald as an eagle. Too much stress.I was only 42 when my pate began reflecting the flashlight from cameras thus ruining what might have been a great portraits.

What follows are the record of my mental notes about my interactions with my differently growing children and collisions with their (virtual?) world.

One day Avalokita ,without warning and without looking at me straight in the face grandly announced that he is going to be an RJ. I asked him what RJ was, he never bothered to reply because he never heard me. He was wearing a Headphone, listening to Hip-Hop I suppose.

Then I understood that he merely meant to make an announcement about his intention and not talk about it.

I had to Google to find out what RJ was and after drilling through the zillions of results that popped up I deduced that my son wanted to be a Radio Jockey.

Here is what – (I have learnt to find my way around the web, by the way) –  Wikipedia says about RJ – “A radio jockey (or RJ) is a person who hosts a radio talk show where the RJ selects the music to be played, or topic of discussion, by interacting with the audience; the interaction is often via telephone, but may also be online, or via email.”

Avalokita – the son of a distinguished IAS officer (Central Government – Environment Ministry)  – an obscure RJ!

A fleeting thought flashed in my brain – With his limited vocabulary how on earth is he going to have meaningful conversations with his listeners!

This was disaster waiting to happen.

How the hell am I supposed to deal with this issue?

Good question!

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “The MakLuckians -The Generation Gape – A new column by me

  1. Shri Ram Ayyangar

    Wait till I read this series.

  2. Pooja

    The gap is always there, everywhere. It broadens over the years, till it is not just a "gap" anymore.. More like an abyss.It is a responsibility of both sides to patch it up, a lot of efforts sure, but worth it in the end.Waiting for more…

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