How to assess the response for your shows

Ok, you have made a presentation – but how popular is it? Did you grab the viewers attention?
Well, there are several ways to check this out.

These are the indicators:


  • Number of views
  • Number of comments
  • Number of people who have added  the show to their favorites
  • Number of times it has been tweeted
  • Number of people who have shared it on Facebook
  • Number of people who Buzz your show on Google.
  • Gets featured on Slideshare Homepage
  • Number of bloggers who have found your show good enough to embed in their own blogs. Here is one of my show featured in a blog for Senior Citizens:


And as you can see the blogger is campaigning for votes for this show.

Here is another:


It is interesting to note that this show has been downloaded more than 250 times and the votes? – merely
52 so far. How selfish of the downloaders – he/she likes it and is downloading it (and will probably mail the show to all his/her friends) – the download will take a few minutes –
but he/she does not have the inclination to hit the Voting button,,,,,HMMMPH!

My shows gets favorited by a member and not voted for – Double HMMMPH!!

And the ultimate test for the popularity of the show is
The NUMBER OF VOTES it gets!!

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One thought on “How to assess the response for your shows

  1. Anonymous

    The voting system is riddled with weaknesses. It is common knowledge by now. Looks like SS is unwilling to move on this. A system that adds a vote everytime someone favorites/downloads it can easily correct the situation actually.

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