Coming soon – Hail Hitler – Starring Gandhi & Hitler

Gandhi and Hitler to share screen space in Hail Hitler


Manisha Mahaldar , CNN-IBN

Mumbai: Mahatma Gandhi and German dictator Adolf Hitler are two very different personalities, with two very different beliefs. But the two have something in common ??? both of them have continued to fascinate Bollywood and Hollywood for years.

So while the Mahatma has inspired films like Gandhi, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Gandhi, My Father and others, Hitler too has been portrayed on celluloid several times.

Biopic The Rise of the Evil and documentary Between Gandhi and Hitler, had the dictator as the protagonist.

And now, debutant Indian filmmaker Rakesh Ranjan, who’s also greatly inspired by the two, is coming out with a film called Hail Hitler.

“Everyone has heard about Hitler, but no one knows his human side, personality and how he supported Indian army. So I just want to present the old forgotten history about Hitler to Indians,??? Ranjan says.

The film???s producer and scriptwriter Nalin Singh says the idea is to bring out the contrast in ideologies.

“We are talking about the two greatest personalities of that era, the 1940s.The whole world was watching Mahatma Gandhi and Hitler. So I am bringing out the contrast in ideologies,??? Singh says.

Bringing both Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler on the same platform is bound to attract controversy, but the filmmakers say that that not their intention.

??A masterstroke and coup by the director?? is that both the roles will be enacted by the same actor!

Here is a sneak preview of the actor as Hitler and Gandhi.





Note: This is a spoof and excerpts of the original article has been used just for the fun and aunthenticity factor.

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